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+Rin Kagamine+ by Psyconorikan

First, this is my first critique, EVER. Second, you did a wonderful job on this piece! It's amazing! From the background (the music not...





Serena Universe by CourageAngel
Serena Universe
Created using the Doll Divine Sailor Senshi Maker 3.0 on

This is just an idea for the older, genderbent Steven (Serena) that I used in my story idea. I posted the AU version of the episode Full Disclosure here a little while back, so if you're interested, you can read it! :D

Added the roses (the one in her hand and the two on her dress) as a reference to her mother, Rose Quartz. I also added a star to the dress, but was unsure of where to place it so it ended up between the two roses. The colors in the dress are from (a) the shirt Steven usually wears (I tried to match it when making this) and the pink of Rose Quartz, the gem, and the shield/sword (and Lion?)... I also tried to keep the hair semi-similar to Steven, but had it "grown out" because I think Serena would like to have long hair...or she likes it better than having it cut short.

The background was chosen to represent the beach by the temple/house.

All in all, I like it. ;)
Louisiana in Words by CourageAngel
Louisiana in Words
So we had some spare white shirts that weren't being used...we decided to use it for an 'art project'.

Take the name of your state and write it on the shirt (make sure to have something inside the shirt so the ink, if you use permanent marker (or something like that), so it doesn't leak through to the other side) vertically, as seen in the picture. Then choose some (positive) words, one for each letter of your state's name. I found a list of words that I'll leave a link to in a bit, but you don't have to use it! You can find your own or use your own words that you think of!

If you want to be more creative and add other things to the shirt besides the words, that is up to you. I just left mine as is (I didn't have the best handwriting here...). :D

Have fun!

Positive Words List:…
Recycle Art by CourageAngel
Recycle Art
So, a while back, I was looking through some old stuff in a room and found a box of floppy disks. And then I decided to, instead of throw them away or anything like that, I would try to recycle them...

And here we are! I made 3 different versions of this thing/container and still have plenty of disks left over for more or another project. Any ideas?

Why waste when you can create?

(Just ignore all the the stuff in the background (candles and the like))


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So, back in June, having 'celebrated' 2 years of working (as of May 23) at my job (a store, not saying the name of the 'company'...), I lost my job for some stupid as sh*t reason and needless to say it made me angry with them. I've had a few people tell me that they think I lost my job because there was someone else they wanted for the position (I had finally been promoted to a key holder/management). And, given the situation and how it was handled, I have to say I might agree with that.

And, as it get's closer for time for classes at college to restart (registration is first), I have to stop and think about things related to that, that I really don't want to discuss here...

Then, back in October of last year, towards the end of the month, I lost my father. We had been hoping that he would recover, but we weren't completely in the dark about what could happen. He just seemed to get worse and worse. Now he's not hurting anymore, and while I hate how this happened, I also thank the Lord that he granted him peace and stopped his pain. It's almost been a year since then, and I don't know what will happen when the day comes...

I'm sorry to just use this to rant at all of you who read this, but I felt like putting this out there...I feel like I need to stop and think about what I want to do with my life and where I see myself going because, as I am now, it may not be a good road I'm on in terms of stability and a good future...

Sorry again for the rant.

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Lori Hickman
United States
First, I'm an author. I write stories. This is basically what I do. I try to paint a picture with my words.

Hope to learn to draw later on. :) For now...stick figures!...and using bases!

(*My top/favorite OC is Miyu. She kind of grew out of another one named Kisa.*)

One of my fanfiction site accounts (for Lunaescence):…

Another (

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